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Take charge of your home security, business security, home automation and energy management with INSIREN – we help you protect what matters most. INSIREN is a full-service independently owned home & business security company that installs and monitors your home or business with state-of-the-art alert systems and expertise.

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Looking to eliminate clutter? 09/17/2015

Looking to eliminate clutter?

Looking to eliminate clutter? The new truly wire-LESS charging system. Stack multiple together for a complete charging station.

Timeline photos 06/21/2015

Timeline photos

Image Sensor 03/11/2015

Image Sensor

Image Sensor Image sensor from

Mom died apparently sheltering young sons as plane crashed into house 12/10/2014

Mom died apparently sheltering young sons as plane crashed into house

Mom died apparently sheltering young sons as plane crashed into house When firefighters entered the second-floor bathroom of one of the houses damaged by the crash of a private jet in Gaithersburg, Md., they were confronted by the bodies of a mother apparently trying to protect her two small children from the devastation that fell from the sky.

protect what matter most to you the holidays are coming are your home and business really protected?

How to Protect Your Home During the Holidays? :

Tip #1 - Protect Your Home with a Home Security System

We've all seen the "Home Alone" movies that make Christmas break-ins look like fun and games. But there's nothing amusing about putting your family in harm's way.

"The biggest deterrent for burglars is an alarm system," says Walters, who's also a former burglary detective.

According to statistics from a 2009 study by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, Walters may be on to something. The study found that an installed burglar alarm makes a home less attractive to intruders by 20 percent.

Tip #2 - Don't Advertise Your Travel Plans

There's a reason why airports are a nightmare during the holidays - and it's not just the torrential winter weather. No, airports are a mess during the holidays because everyone is travelling. That is, everyone except burglars, who instead will be scheming ways to take advantage of your empty home.

In fact, burglars prefer to break into homes that are unoccupied because if they're caught in the act, it's considered by law to be less of a crime than if they were to burglarize an occupied home, says Walters.

Because of this, Walters offers this bit of advice for travelers: "However your house would normally look when you're at home, that's how you want it to look when you're travelling. If you could leave a car in the driveway, you should. "

Tip #3 - Don't Show Off Your Gifts

Whether you're celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, it's almost a given that once December hits, presents will start rolling into your home.

Unfortunately, your kids aren't the only ones excited about their holiday gifts. Burglars will be keeping tabs, too.

For that reason, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department notes that "Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home."

The Police Department also says that you should keep your gifts under wraps - even after they've been unwrapped.

Tip #4 - Update/Secure Your Home's Entry Points

Burglars: They're lazy. Yes, you read that right.

As much as they want to steal our belongings, burglars prefer to take the easy way out and go after homes that are an easy target.

Less-than-sturdy windows and doors, for example, could attract burglars to your home during the holidays.

On top of that, Walters says the biggest misconception people have is that a deadbolt lock will keep them safe. However, "If you don't reinforce the area around the lock, it takes no strength to break into a home," he says.

A report on the burglary of single-family homes by the U.S. Department of Justice offers similar sentiments.

"Poor building materials can make houses more vulnerable to burglary," notes the report. "Older houses may have rusting, easily compromised locks or worn and decaying window and door frames, while newer houses may be built with cheap materials."

Tip #5 - Be Very Aware of Your Surroundings

This tip sounds a little ominous, we know, but with safety and holiday cheer at stake - it's best to be overly cautious.

Here's why: "Most burglars live in the neighborhood where they commit the crime," says Walters.

"So you want to be careful when bringing in gifts or items into your home," Walters adds. Before unloading your car, make sure that you weren't followed back home from the shopping mall, or that there's no one suspicious lurking on your street.

New Products -Lutron wireless lighting system 07/24/2014

New Products -Lutron wireless lighting system

New Products -Lutron wireless lighting system

New Products -Lutron wireless lighting system Control lights from anywhere in a room with Caséta Wireless remote controls and dimmers. Take light control to a whole new level with a convenient, energy-saving solution that installs in minutes.


Let Your Dream Come True! :)

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The new GE security wall touch screen! presented here for the first time.

INSIREN 03/14/2014


Check out our new micro website!!!

INSIREN Get true peace of mind with better security and property awareness. Arm and disarm your system, and get email and text notifications all through your smartphone.

Mobile uploads 03/03/2014

INSIREN's new car wrap design. What you think?

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Best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday!

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There are many factors affecting one’s decision to get a home security system. Perhaps there’s been a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood and you don’t want the next target to be you. Perhaps a close friend or relative has been the victim of a home invasion or robbery, or perhaps you and your family have just moved into a new house, and it just seems like the right thing to do.

In any case, having a home security system is a wise investment to protect your property. The mere presence of a home security system is enough to deter many home invaders and burglars. In a recent study conducted by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF), researchers found that 83% of convicted criminals who took part in the survey said they would test a targeted home for an alarm before attempting a burglary. More than half stated they would discontinue the burglary if they discovered an active alarm.

The survey data continues to disclose that nearly 90% of the criminal respondents said their top reason for committing burglaries was related to the need to acquire drugs or money used to support a drug habit. Many admitted to having taken drugs prior to breaking into a home. Overall, the burglars are often brazen repeat offenders, many with a long history of arrests and prior convictions. They aren’t to be trifled with.

To learn more about INSIREN Home Security System package:

Timeline photos 10/03/2013

Our New Web Site Has Launched! A Faster Loading Webpage and Responsive.

We are pleased to announce that our new website has officially launched. We have completely redesigned our layout with super-clean look, simplicity, ease of use, and high-tech underpinnings.
The site is responsive and mobile-friendly. A responsive website changes its layout and appearance based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on -- e.g. smartphones, tablets.
We truly hope you enjoy exploring our new website, and please feel free to send us feedback or comments you may have.

INSIREN - Home Security | Business Security | Home Automation | Video Surveillance | Energy... 10/01/2013

INSIREN - Home Security | Business Security | Home Automation | Video Surveillance | Energy...

Free Home Security System $850 Value. Call INSIREN

INSIREN - Home Security | Business Security | Home Automation | Video Surveillance | Energy... INSIREN is the most trusted home security system company in the Los Angeles county providing theft alarm systems, break-in alarm, video surveillance, monitoring, burglar alarms & home automation to customers in Los Angeles.

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Wireless Burglar Alarm Security Systems -- Home Security Package & Products:
● Arm or disarm your alarm system, no matter where you are
● Receive alerts when alarms are triggered, doors open, or when any other event that's important to you occurs
● Crash & Smash Protection: Rest assured with patented technology that protects you even if an intruder destroys your security panel.
Learn More About Home Security Package & Products:

Home Automation That Designed For Modern Life -- Home Automation Package & Products.
Just think of all you can do, once your home is automated. Here are just a few examples:
● Know Now: Make sure your kids get home from school safely.
● Remote Control: Lock the front door from your mobile device.
● Image Alerts: See what’s happening at home with real-time video and digital pictures.
● Powerful: Program the alarm to automatically set each time the front door is locked, or automatically disarm each time it’s unlocked
Learn More About Home Automation Package & Products:

Energy Management System | Home Business Office
Remote Energy Management That Fits Your Life:
● Customize Your System: Customizable light and thermostat schedules adjust to your lifestyle.
● Remote Control: Remote locking and unlocking, plus unique user codes.
● Smart System: Smart schedules learn your activity patterns so you can make smarter energy decisions.
● Alerts: Text and email alerts let you know when your thermostat settings change.
● Save Money: Energy-saving templates help reduce your energy bills.

Control Your Home: Mobile apps let you remotely control your home's critical systems.
● Customized home & business security systems
● Remote access, control, notices, & video
● 24-hour alarm monitoring centers
● Access control systems
● Video Surveillance and Monitoring Systems For Business
● Video Surveillance and Monitoring Systems For Home
● Security systems service and maintenance
● Fire detection
● Carbon monoxide detection
● Wireless primary and backup monitoring communicator



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