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Angel's Glass & Mirror Custom Glass Company in Los Angeles, California Angel's Glass & Mirror offers custom glass products including windows, mirrors, and frameless shower doors.

We specialize in a wide range of commercial and residential products and services. With our custom glass, we give you not only quality products but also skilled technicians that have the experience to ensure excellent service.


Sliding glass doors are attractive, useful, and more energy-efficient than you might think. They work extremely well as an entrance to a patio, deck, or screened-in porch. If you have a dark home, sliding glass doors can brighten it up by allowing more light inside.


Today’s windows, in addition to coming in a variety of colors, also come in a variety of styles. Windows are often used as architectural elements to dress up a home, using styles like bay windows, sliding windows and crank-out windows to add interest to the construction of the home.


One of the biggest safety features of toughened glass is that it will usually shatter into small pieces when broken. These broken particles are small and relatively harmless compared with the sharp splinters that result from the breakage of annealed glass.


Window frames are made from many different materials, and depending on the look you want, you can choose from materials like wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. Some will be more durable and some will be more appropriate depending on the type of environment in which you live.


Did you know that just about any type of glass shower enclosure will make your bathroom look and feel larger? These are a great option if you have an otherwise-crammed or small bathroom.


If you are after sound reduction with your windows, choosing replacement windows that have foam injected into the frames can help substantially.


Safety glass is not just for use in automobiles; it has many practical applications in the home. There are two types of safety glass: laminated and tempered. The better choice depends on how the glass will be used.


Criteria established for property preservation specify that window and door openings must be secured with plywood not OSB. Why? Among other things, OSB is likely to swell more than plywood when exposed to moisture.


Birds sometimes think a clean pane of glass is actually an open area. This can and does result in avian injuries and deaths. Care to guess how many birds die every year as a result of window strikes? Experts place the figure at around 100 million.


Due to its size, boarding up an opening such as a doorway would require sturdier materials. As such, 3/4" or 1" thick plywood is often used for doorways as opposed to the 1/2" that is sufficient for windows.


Would you like to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up? Simply place a dab of shaving cream onto the mirror and rub it onto the surface. The shaving cream will not leave streaks and it will keep your mirror fog free.


Plywood at least 5/8 of an inch thick is recommended for boarding up. Anything thinner will not provide sufficient protection against high winds.


Did you know that the Louvre Pyramid is constructed completely out of glass? The Pyramid was completed in 1989, and it is around 70 feet high and it was made with 603 rhombus shaped glass panels and 70 triangular glass panels.


If your windows or doors are broken and your home is open to the elements, contact us immediately. Most homeowners insurance policies stipulate the homeowner is responsible for preventing further damage in the event of a fire, natural disaster, vandalism or break in.


One type of safety glass is toughened glass, which is also called tempered glass. This type of glass is very hard, making it impossible to cut or make holes in it. Due to its strength, this glass is ideal for interior doors, side panels, shower doors, and table tops.


After a windstorm, do not panic to remove the debris. Especially, make sure not to remove the debris near the snapped power lines yourself otherwise you may land yourself in danger.


When you have decorative window panes in your home, they may be in shapes that make it impossible to install blinds or shades. If you need to ensure these architectural touches aren’t giving away your privacy, we may be able to recommend a better window option.


When it comes to insulating glass, winter heat loss occurs via two separate mechanisms. These are thermal radiation from glass surface to glass surface and conduction through the molecules of air.


Over the years, our weather prediction capabilities have improved tremendously. As such, we are now informed well in advance if nasty weather is on the way. This allows ample time to prepare our homes and businesses for the coming blow.


You may not think that the insulation provided by windows can make a big difference, but the proof is in the numbers. Did you know that by raising the average temperature of a room by one degree Celsius can raise an energy bill by 10%?


Reusable panels can be designed for those who live in areas that need to be boarded up frequently. These panels should be properly sealed to protect against water damage.


When replacing glass products, particular attention should be paid to the type of glass being replaced. Whether the glass is tempered or laminated and the thickness of the glass are important matters to keep in mind.


Are you leaving your beach house for the winter and you know it’ll be difficult to get back there in the event of a weather event? Hiring professional board-up services ahead of time is a smart way to protect your property and investment.


If you have old mirrors or other flat pieces of glass in your home, you can add an interesting look by etching or frosting them. There are many products available for the do-it-yourself crowd that are safe and easy to use. Most come with stencils and use a mild etching medium.


Remove any loose items from a patio before your board-up company arrives. The boards will protect from most damage, but moving plants or heavy pots can reduce the odds that the boards are strained.


Replacing your windows can be a good investment that will not only increase the value of your home, the money you can save on your energy bill will practically pay for the cost of installation. In fact, most homes can save enough money in energy bills to pay for the upgrades in as little as three years.


If you want to add light to a room but still maintain privacy, consider using glass blocks. These can be used in a window casement, or as part of a wall between rooms. They let light pass through, but do not reveal what is on either side of the blocks.


Around 1920s, the technology was developed to fashion plate glass. Here the glass was melted in a pot, poured on a rolling table, and then formed into a sheet (perfect for window panes).


The right dining room table can look incredible, but you want to make sure you can protect it. Fortunately, a glass cover can be custom made for your dining room table to protect it while letting its beauty shine.


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