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If the doors in your business rely on locks you must be concerned about the ability of burglars to pick or bump a lock in as little as one minute to gain access to a building. A commercial locksmith can recommend high security locks that are both pick and bump-resistant.


Have you ever had a sales-person request to enter your home? Be sure to ask for credentials. Ask that their ID be pushed under the door. Unfortunately, many professional burglars use this cover to check out homes.


Do you hate having to replace everyone’s key to the building just because you stop working with a particular vendor who had a key? When you need to grant access to non-employees, we may be able to help you create an alternative that won’t impact the keys you provide employees.


Auto locksmiths perform specialized services specifically for cars and trucks. In fact, auto locksmiths can make you a new set of keys, no matter what your make, model, brand, or year of car, truck, or SUV!


According to the FBI, the average amount of time for a burglar to defeat a lock was no more than two minutes. However, by installing high security locks on your business, you can defeat a burglar who will move on if a lock can't easily be compromised. A commercial locksmith has the expertise to install high security locks on your business.


Getting locked out of your car is frustrating, but if it happens late at night or in an unsafe location, it can be downright scary. That’s why we offer prompt response times and courteous, efficient services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There are many reasons that you might want to know exactly who has entered a particular building or area of your company. Security access cards make it possible to produce of a list of the whereabouts of company employees at any time.


Are you searching for a sturdy lock for your home? Keep in mind that a deadbolt is the most important part of any lock, so it is important to ask a professional to recommend a quality deadbolt for your home.


Just as in medicine, a bit of preventive maintenance can keep your car locks operating smoothly and opening every time. A periodic treatment with graphite will keep the parts lubricated so they do not jam, freeze, or grab your keys.


Not all locksmiths are trained to unlock cars. Make sure the services on their website clearly indicate experience with cars, and ask when calling if the technician has experience with cars.


The first car in general manufacture that required a key to start the ignition was the Cadillac in the 1920s. However, well into the 1960s, many cars could be started without a key simply by pushing a starter button.


It’s important to remember that not all hardware stores that make copies of keys will be able to make copies of your key. If your key has verbiage that prohibits the creation of new keys, it may be necessary to call out a locksmith when you need additional sets.


It’s important to remember that trying to unlock your car without the key on your own can cause substantial damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want to avoid paying a substantial amount to repair any damage you might cause, it’s smart to bring in a locksmith.


You may want to consider card-access systems for some or all of your company. These can be installed by a commercial locksmith, and in addition to keep out strangers, card access systems can help you keep track of your employees.


Once you call the locksmith to unlock your car for you, make sure to ask to see identification when they arrive before letting him or her open your car. We will not be offended by your asking as your safety is of primary concern.


Locks can work in a variety of ways some are wholly mechanical or even electromechanically. Locks may be operated with a removable key, dialing in a combination, or magnetically with a card reader.


Sliding or swinging gates work well for businesses, particularly after hours and in conjunction with video cameras and security guards. Gates that can be left opened during the day will provide additional security overnight.


It's important to ensure that your doors are as secure as possible. National statistics indicate there are approximately 2 million home burglaries reported yearly in the U.S.


Nobody writes locking themselves out of their car into their schedules, which means that odds are good you have to be somewhere other than waiting to get your car unlocked. We understand this, and will work quickly to get you back on the road.


It's very important to pay particular attention to securing any doors going into a garage and going from an attached garage into the house. Many times burglars will target these areas, as it gives them more of an opportunity to be hidden from view.


Automotive technology is evolving each day and current standards are such that any kind of auto locksmith service should be performed by a professional. Do-it-yourselfers do not possess the tools, technology, and latest know-how techniques to perform locksmith services.


In ancient Egyptian society, having keys signified wealth. This was because locksmithing services cost an arm and a leg back then, and only the rich could afford to install safes or locks in their homes.


Our expert technicians offer all the latest technology and state of the art equipment to meet all your auto locksmithing needs. We can take care of automotive key cutting for keys with or without special codes and/or transponders.


Did you lose your house key? Change your locks as soon as you can. Unfortunately sometimes you never know where you lost it, and if someone was watching you, they may now have access to your home.


While General Motors in the mid-1930s was the first company to make door locks standard equipment, matching locks for trunks were not standard until the 1950s. Up until then, if the trunk locked, it required a separate key.


Did you know that locksmiths can make keys for locks even when every key has been lost? There are several techniques that can be used, including taking an impression, looking up the code stamped on the lock, or taking the lock apart.


You've been out late with friends and are on the way home when you stop for a bite to eat and lock the car keys inside the vehicle. If you feel uncomfortable waiting for our technician to arrive, call the police and ask for someone to make sure you're safe until we arrive.


There are a number of reasons why commercial enterprises are particularly vulnerable to burglaries. They're often empty during the overnight hours, may contain multiple points of entry and may house goods or other materials attractive to burglars.


Locksmith vehicles should be labeled and easily recognizable, and the locksmiths themselves should be wearing a uniform and nametag and be willing to show ID upon arrival.


It's common to call a locksmith to help you out when you lock your keys in the car. However, locksmiths offer a variety of automotive services, from duplicating a lost key to extracting a broken ignition key from the lock cylinder.


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