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Triomph Inc. is a full-service provider of security guard and patrol services.

Our corporate security guard headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, and we serve our clients throughout Southern California. provides uniformed and plainclothesarmed security guards,unarmed security guards services, marked vehicle patrols , including bicycle and marine patrols, alarm response services, armed executive/celebrity services, special event security, and environmental services.

Operating as usual


Do you have an office or building that's open 24 hours a day? Providing security is a good idea if there's a chance people will be accessing offices in the building at different times of the day and night.


Weddings and other special life events can be quite emotional for all involved. If you and the bride or groom are locked in a disagreement related to some aspect of the wedding, we can offer our experience to provide some third-party advice and mediation.


If you are building homes in a new development, our security services can keep them safe. Many thieves look for homes under construction in order to steal new appliances after they are installed. Our patrols deter this activity.


Event planning services can be cost-effective, in that they give your company some buying power. Event planners know about the best providers with the lowest prices and can maximize your buying power so you get the most out of your budget.


Are there certain times of the year when you’re so busy it becomes impossible to keep an eye on all the customers? This is the perfect time to hire our security guards to help stop crime.


During the Middle Ages, birthday parties or celebrations were limited to royalty and the very wealthy and were altogether rare. It’s believed that the concept of a children’s birthday party started in Germany (called Kinderfeste).


Many rental property attorneys advise property managers to use expert security services to evaluate security issues and provide trained security guards. Why? These firms have essential expertise, understand relevant law, and can provide a pool of trained and licensed guards.


When it comes to today’s business events, it’s the attention to detail that really gives your event a “wow” factor and helps you to stand out. A professional event planner is a smart investment that can really help you boost your business brand.


Security officers are brought on to a job to ensure a safe and secure environment for customers, employees, and the general public at specific locations and venues by patrolling and monitoring premises and overseeing personnel and citizens. This involves monitoring surveillance equipment; permitting entry and egress; and inspecting access points, buildings, and equipment.


The parents of the bride or groom are understandably in an extremely emotional state. Will you really be able to enjoy this time leading up to one of the most important days in your child's life if have to focus on a laundry list of details related to the event? Instead, turn that responsibility over to a professional.


The last thing any business wants is criminal activity, particularly any theft or assault of a customer. We can ensure the safety of your customers from the time they enter your business and make sure they get into their vehicles safely.


Sure you can do-it-yourself, but many brides who did wish they hadn't! Pulling off a major event is time and energy intensive and costly. Do you really want to spend the night before your wedding meeting with the caterer?


Did you know that around 80 percent of criminal acts that occur at shopping centers, strip malls, business offices, and other commercial locations occur in the parking lot? We offer a range of security services to meet your individual business’s needs.


Whether business or personal, etiquette experts agree that it is the host’s job to ensure that all guests feel comfortable throughout the entire affair. You can accommodate your guests by welcoming them, introducing them to each other, and making sure all their needs are met.


It’s important to remember that a video surveillance system will do your business very little good when there’s no one monitoring its feed. Let’s talk about how many security guards your business needs to effectively secure it.


No matter what type of event you are having, start the planning process as soon as possible. Larger events need at least 4 or 5 months, while smaller affairs can be completed in 1 to 2 months.


Outsourcing your private security needs makes a lot of sense. We will provide trained workers who will treat customers and visitors courteously. You don't have to worry about hiring, monitoring and paying security guards.


What is the origin of the best man in weddings? According to tradition, a Scottish groom would kidnap his future wife centuries ago with the help of a close friend. This good friend was then part of the wedding and became known as the best man.


We recognize that even the safest commercial areas can turn dangerous once the sun sets, and fewer people are around to deter crime. If you have employees that regularly work past dark, you may want to consider adding a security guard to help keep them safe.


In business, staying within budget matters can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Professional event planners offer years of industry experience that can help you reduce overhead, save money, and stay within that budget.


Some states mandate that security guard personnel undergo emergency crisis training. In many cases, security personnel have prior police or military experience at all levels and in various organizations. Training and licensing is specific to each state; however, licensing is typically mandated, and a background check is part of the licensing process.


Planning a wedding? That means a lot of planning and paying attention to dozens of details, from the dress and the flowers to the right wedding venue for your reception. An experienced event and wedding planning company can make your dreams come true.


Security officers are hired to look for signs of criminal activities or any type of disorders, signs of fire or other potential disaster or issue, and any other incident that the client deems to be reportable. Reports are typically made back to the client and may also be made to emergency services, as needed


Rain isn’t usually thought of as a sign of good luck, but in some cultures, if it rains on your wedding day, it is a sign of cleansing and fertility.


The strong visible presence of uniformed security guards is one of the most effective ways to prevent property crimes like theft and vandalism. This is a common concern for business owners, particularly those involved in the real estate, rental, and leasing industries.


Do you have a firm idea of what kind of party you want but no idea of how to make it happen? Hiring a party planner can make all the difference, as he or she will have the expertise needed to transform your vision into reality.


According to many experts in facility management, using bright lights in parking lots at night doesn’t necessarily make those areas safer. They note that combining security guards with adequate lighting tends to be a much more effective strategy.


Seeking the help of a professional event planner can actually save you money. Event planners are “in the industry,” which means they may be able to get better deals with vendors than someone “outside the industry” could get.


Did you know that having uniformed security guards onsite can provide a powerful theft deterrent? Not only will customers realize that they’re being watched, but employees will also be more hesitant to steal anything because of the extra scrutiny.


For a successful party, know that you have to find a polite way to bow out of conversations and not staying in them longer than it seems natural. Wait for a break in the conversation where you can excuse yourself politely.


Most businesses can benefit from a security guard on the premises. If your business specializes in upscale goods, a security guard can reduce the amount of theft.


If you are hosting a meal or reception, room rental fees are generally waived with a minimum food and beverage spend. Be sure to have all terms spelled out well in advance and in writing!


When security guards are hired, the staff is typically uniformed and conducts some type of patrol—walking or driving a perimeter. Security guards are skilled in observing activities through these patrols, direct observation, or observing through video camera or on alarm systems.


Do you not yet have the relationship you would like with your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law’s family? A party planner can act as an intermediary between both sides, ensuring everyone has a say in the planning of the event without the risk of a face-to-face blow up.


According to the FBI, a majority of crime is occurs because an opportunity presents itself. When you rely on our security guards, potential criminals won't have nearly as many easy opportunities to commit a crime.


The venue you pick for your next corporate event is an important decision. Take into consideration your budget, the number of attendees you are expecting and the type of event before making your choice.


According to some commercial and rental property attorneys, having licensed, trained security guards does more than increase general safety and security. It can also reduce insurance costs, and improve a property owner’s overall defense against claims.


Your party planner will advise you on the essentials to include in your invitation besides time, date and place. Let guests know what type of food will be served: light appetizers, a varied buffet or a full five-course dinner. This will ensure that no one leaves hungry or that you don't have tons of food left over.


Have you been hesitant to contact us because your company’s security needs are little out of the ordinary? Let’s talk about exactly what you have in mind so that we can help you determine how we’ll best be able to help you keep everything safe and secure.


Remember that a security service isn't only for after-hour situations. Banks, jewelry stores and many other businesses benefit from the presence of security guards during normal working hours.




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